Who we are & what we do

With more than 10 years of existence, Noise is the leading and most experienced agency within strategic communication, content creation, social media management and PR in Denmark.

We deliver innovative communication strategies and activations for fashion, food, drink, design and hospitality businesses, while always taking an integrated approach to PR, social media and digital marketing.  

As today’s business environments undergo constant change and face higher uncertainty we embrace change rather than minimizing it. We have a high focus on creating personalized and fitted solutions for our clients, that enable them to react to changes in their surroundings and find new meaningful ways of creating value for their customers.


The team

The Noise Team consists of some of the top young talent in the industry as well as its highly experienced founders. A culture of high energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly a genuine love for what we do is central to all of us.


Our showroom

With our 1000m2 showroom located in the heart of Copenhagen, we secure a daily traffic of editors, stylist, influencers and VIP’s.

Thanks to close and longstanding relationships amongst press and influencers, we are perfectly positioned to help achieve your goal of connecting not just with the media but with your customers, too.